Qatar Financial Centre Authority

Brochure site design

Lead designer on QFC project @ MRM-Meteorite

We were tasked with designing a site that could bring together all of the financial and legal information, that Senior Financial Executives would need to be able to actively join the association easily. Whilst providing this information, we also needed to demonstrate the beautiful lifestyle within Qatar, to help reassure Executives & their families that may be considering moving out there as part of the QFC.


Omar Khalifa’s shot the beautiful double exposure imagery that is used throughout the site, to embody the site’s purpose of bringing together the two world’s of work and life.


The design maximises white space and uses contrasting high impact interactions to keep the user task-focused and rewarded for each interaction throughout the site, as well as clearly indicating where interactions are required.  This minimalist approach paired with the double-exposure photography and carefully constructed typography creates a site that doesn’t overwhelm the user with information, however helps guide them to the information that they require in a quick and beautiful way.

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